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Universal Declaration of Information Rights

*These rights are drafts and are subject to review and input from the SM Community. 


1.   Right to creatively express yourself via any medium regardless of affiliations or associations.

2.   Right to full transparency in workplace performance metrics.

3.   Right to wellness and productivity tools, applications and services.


1.   Right to create, participate and leave communities.

2.   Right to access information regardless of membership, institution and walled bodies of knowledge.

3.   Right to seek and express opposing points of view.


1.   Right to create and share non-proprietary information.

2.   Right to be fairly compensated for effort.

3.   Right to portable identity.


1.   Right to observe local customs and traditions.

2.   Right to celebrate stateless customs of digital existence.

3.   Right to localized digital resources. 


1.   Right to a free and open source of knowledge.

2.   Right to be your temporal authentic self.

3.   Right to digital self-actualization.

Individually we have the inalienable right not to participate in digital culture.